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Call an Emergency Locksmith When You Get Locked out of Your Car

emergency lockmith, locksmith coventry, locksmith leedsKeys are misplaced all the time. It is a very common occurrence to leave your car keys somewhere inconvenient or to lose them all together. Thankfully there is always an emergency locksmith to help you out of a bind.

Oftentimes people will leave their keys in the car to run a quick errand or to drop off something. Panic ensues when you realize that you have locked yourself out of your car. The right thing to do in this situation is to call a locksmith. If you have a smart phone, you’re in luck because you can search for help with a term like locksmith Coventry to find someone near you.

What Not to Do

If you realize you have locked yourself out of your car, but know the keys are inside, there is only one thing to do. The solution is to call an emergency locksmith rather than to try to let yourself in.

It is never advisable to break the window to gain entry. This will just cause another problem: now you need to replace the window. You could be caught or the alarm may go off and someone, fearing you are breaking into the vehicle, may call the authorities. You may even injure yourself in the process.

You should also never attempt to gain entry with a hanger or other means of releasing the lock. This could backfire in the same way as above, resulting in a chat with the authorities. Even if you can see the keys and you are confident with your lock picking skills, it is always better to call a professional locksmith. They are trained to handle this situation and will have you back on the road in no time, without damage to your vehicle or yourself.


While the number one way to prevent locking yourself out of your car is to make sure you always have your keys, this is not always possible. There are some tips that might help you out.

  • Keep a spare set of keys at home in case of emergency
  • Keep a spare set of keys with a trusted relative or friend

These measures may help you depending on ease of access of the spare keys. If you are out with friends and your spare keys are on the other side of the country you will need to ring up a locksmith in Leeds or wherever you’ve found yourself in need assistance. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a spare set of keys or don’t have access to them, you can still rely on a locksmith.


If you happen to lock yourself out of your car, it is important to always call an emergency locksmith. They are necessary in every situation in which you do not have spare car keys or you do not have immediate access to them. It is never advisable to break into your own car as the consequences may be dire. Locksmiths are trained professionals and able to assist you in a lock out without causing unnecessary damage to your car. Professional locksmiths are prompt in arrival and will assist at any hour so just give them a call if you’ve locked yourself out of your car.

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