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Emergency locksmith West Hampstead

Hi Everyone!

It’s getting really cold outside, but even in winter, you must not neglect your physical fitness – like this poor customer from West Hampstead who called us last winter, but we still remember the story fondly.

Around 7pm we got a call from a woman who was panting and breathing heavily. She said she has just finished her daily run, and realized upon arriving at her house that she forgot her keys inside. Not only that, she did not have her phone with her, and had to borrow one from a passer by. Despite her predicament, she sounded calm and cool, and her only concern was not being able to go back inside and finish her workout. We made sure that we got her address and details down, since no phone meant no way for the technician to contact her once he is near by. We informed her that our locksmith is about 20 minutes away, and she agreed to meet him by the front door.

20 minutes later, our technician arrives at the address she provided, but there is no one outside. The office rang the number she dialed from, but the person on the other line was long gone by then. Just as our guy was about to call the job off, who if not the same woman appears from behind the corner, jogging casually. Turned out, she didn’t want to stand out in the cold after running, so she decided to make another lap! Thankfully she arrived just in time for our locksmith to easily pick the thumb turn lock, and get the customer back inside from the freezing winter cold outside.

Moral of the story is – if you’ve locked your phone inside as well as your keys, and got through to us using someone else’s phone with no means of communication of your own, stay by your front door so that our technician can spot you from the road! Or at least run a faster lap…

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