Posted on May 24, 2018 by sylius in Case Study

Case Study – Fast Food Chain Restaurant

A long term client of ours sent a job request for the fire exit door at the back of the restaurant. The lock they had on the door was failing to keep the door securely shut. After confirming what type of door and lock was currently installed, we requested a photograph of the door so we could see what we were dealing with ahead of time. It is always our aim to reduce costs for our client, so to request a photo meant we did not have to send an engineer to site, just to see what lock was currently installed, therefore saving our client a call out charge.

Once the photo was received it was immediately obvious the type of lock that needed replacing. Our technical support manager got on the case and within a matter of minutes he had found the replacement locking system. It was, in fact, the updated version as the current lock had been replaced by a model more up to date.

After quoting the customer and getting the necessary confirmation to go ahead, we ordered the new lock and fitted it once it arrived. The customer now has a working fire exit door, with added features too!! In fact they were so pleased with it they may want all their fire exit door swapped to this newer model.

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