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Finding the Right Emergency Locksmith when it Counts

Being locked out of your home, car, or workplace is a major nuisance. At worst it is an emergency situation where a child or partner is now locked inside a car or building. Late at night, such a situation can be especially frightening.

In such a situation where you have misplaced your keys or found that the lock is broken, you will need the services of an emergency locksmith. While you will generally receive valued and ethical service from most nearby locksmiths that you call for, there are unfortunately unsavoury characters who will happily take advantage of you in your desperation.

Knowing What it Takes to Open a Lock

You should know what kind of lock your front door or car door is equipped with, and what it takes to open them. Most professional emergency locksmiths will have plenty of copy keys or tools with which to immediately grant you access.

A fraudster that is pretending to be a locksmith will claim that the lock is too strongly fitted, or find another reason why they are unable to help you without extensive additional fees.

Spotting a Fake Locksmith

Locksmith scamming is unfortunately an illegal trade which is only growing in popularity among petty thieves and swindlers. It important to know who are the skilled locksmiths in St. Albans and who just wants to squeeze some money out of you.

The most common malpractice which fraudulent locksmiths will commit is grossly overcharging you, despite advertising a cheap service. When you are in need of an emergency locksmith, and their displayed emergency or 24-hour locksmith callout fee appears to be too good to be true, it could very easily be so.

You could end up being billed with double or triple what you expected by a fraudulent emergency locksmith, a bill which you now need to pay, unless you wish to take legal action against the business. A proper locksmith will charge you a reasonable fee, which covers exactly what was performed alongside the callout fee. Proper locksmiths are transparent about their fees for services, and are available 24/7.

Checking Google Reviews

The immediate way to spot a trusted emergency locksmith is to check their online reviews. Most reliable professionals will have several reviews attached with many high recommendations.

Those who do not have any reviews attached, or have questionable or fake-looking comments, could easily be scam artists. Even if it takes an extra few minutes to get ahold of an emergency locksmith, it really is worth it knowing that you have found someone reliable and skilled.

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