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Door Trouble Got You Down? Call an Emergency Locksmith in London

Your door is what protects you from the outside world, and is what keeps the elements and unwanted visitors out of your home, which means that when something happens to it you need it fixed quickly. Emergencies can happen at any time such as a break-in, a hinge wearing out, or even a jammed lock. All of these situations mean that you are in need of an emergency locksmith in Londonwho can come and sort out your door as soon as something goes awry. A professional locksmith is fully equipped to deal with any door problems that might occur. If they say they can’t deal with an emergency in an efficient manner then they are probably not the one you want to be calling. But how can you select the best locksmith for you? Someone who you can trust to do a complete door replacementor a minor house door repair? 

How to Pick a Professional Locksmith

When choosing a locksmith there are a few things that you want to look out for. The first is how much time it will take an emergency locksmith in London to reach your door. A locksmith who is dedicated to their customer base will show up in around half an hour of your call because they know just how important it is that your door can be shut or locked to protect you and your belongings. A locksmith who is going to make you wait and increase your already high level of stress is not the one you want in your contact list. As well, you do not want to have to pay an exorbitant fee for a house call during a time some locksmiths might deem ‘after hours.’ No, if you have an emergency you should expect the same level of service whether you call at 4:30 in the morning or 23:00 at night. And, you should definitely not have to pay for the time of day that you need your locksmith on hand, a professional one will not charge you a different hourly just because it is the weekend, an odd hour, or a holiday.

Common Door Issues

There are a wide variety of common door issues that can occur and some of them might simply be due to wear and tear or your door not being taken care of the way it needs to be. Yes, just as you would service a safe your door also needs to be looked after.

  • Door hinges can wear out and may need to be replaced. If you find your door is not shutting very easily or seems to be rattling this could be a sign that they need replacing. You can examine them yourself but if your door is very old you may want to consider an update.
  • Sometimes a door will be blown open by the wind because it has not been closed properly. If this seems to be happening a lot it could indicate that the latch is broken which means that it needs to be replaced. A new locking system may be something you want to look into, especially one that utilizes smart technology for easier opening.
  • Do you feel a cool draft of air floating into your home from your front or back door? If the answer is yes then you could have a case of a door that is not sitting flush in the door frame and is allowing cold air to get inside. This might not seem like a big problem in the summer months but come winter your heating bill will tell you another story.
All of these problems are commonplace and something that a locksmith can easily help you to fix with or without the replacement of your door or pre-existing locking mechanism. But if these are problems that tend to occur quite frequently then it really might be time for an update. UPVC doors are the door of choice along with a multiple locking mechanism or smart lock to make you feel as safe and secure as possible to avoid any unwanted intruders. But what happens when someone attempts to burgle your flat or home and your door or lock is damage

When a Break-In Occurs

So the worst has happened, you have come home to find the window in your door broken and the door was unlocked or the hinges have been broken so that the door can swing open. Maybe the lock itself has been picked. These are all worst-case scenarios but they do happen and if you do not have some sort of security system then a burglar may have managed to get into your home while you were away for a long weekend or out at work. Hopefully nothing too valuable was taken but your safe space has been violated and you want to get that feeling of safety back. After reporting the incident to the police and filing a report, the next person you will want to call besides friends and family to let them know you are okay is your emergency locksmith in London. You will need the assistance of a professional to assess what exactly needs to be done in regards to your door and the lock.

What to Tell Your Locksmith

When you call your locksmith, you will want to take a deep breath before launching into what happened. Gather your thoughts and examine your door, is the window inset the only part that is damaged? If so, explain this as it might mean that your locksmith will just need to bring materials to board it up until you have both decided what to do in regards to your door. If the lock has been broken then this may require the installation of a new one in which case you will need to discuss with your locksmith what type of locking system would best suit your new needs. Now, if the door itself has been completely destroyed in terms of it hanging off of its hinges then an entirely new door may need to be chosen. Your locksmith will be able to bring the tools they need to either board up your door and make it secure for the time being and if timing permits they may even be able to perform the installation of a new door.

What to Be Mindful of When Choosing a New Door

If you and your locksmith have decided that a new door is needed then you will want to make sure you choose one which matches all of your specifications. This could mean ordering a custom one if your doorframe is not a conventional size, perhaps you want a special material, or you simply want a door that is not currently in stock. Your locksmith will be able to advise you on the best course of action and ensure until your door arrives that a substitute or a repaired one is in place. The locking system you choose for your new door must also be put under consideration. If you had a simple bolt lock and somebody managed to pick it then it is definitely time for an upgrade. You will want a multi-point locking system which can be installed in a door that has not been damaged or within the new door you have selected. You may also decide that you want a locking system which is even more secure or one which you can access from your smartphone. Smart locking systems are the way of the future and with a smart lock you can even have a camera installed to see who is knocking at your door and who has entered your home with the provided digital key. There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration when you need a new door but remember this: a door is something you will use every day.

Like a Smartphone, a Door is Something You Should View as an Investment

If you are one for the latest in technology such as the newest iPhone then you should view your new door as an investment. You will use it every day to come and go from your home, use it to keep people out, and basically see it at all times. You want something that caters to all of your needs, including the lock itself. That means that you will not want to purchase a cheap door made from a subpar material. You will want something made from UPVC or a sturdy wood if you want to have an impressive entryway. But these things cost money, and your locksmith will be able to work within your budget to ensure that you get the door you deserve at the price point you can afford.

Feel Safe Again

By the time your new door and locking system has been installed hopefully any fears of a break-in or memories of past attempts will have faded into the background. Your new door will protect your home and you from any unwanted intruders and your professional locksmith will be by your side for any further questions or needs that you may have

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