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Case Study – Homeless and Vulnerable People Shelter

One of our Facilities Management clients asked for a suggestion to upgrade the locking mechanism within one of their Shelters. There were 37 rooms in total and each one needed the current locking device removed and smart door locks installed instead. We suggested a new smart lock called the ‘Smart Air’ system.

The ‘Smart Air’ system is reasonably new to the market and we had not done a job with these locks on such a large scale before. Not a problem for our local locksmiths, we attended site for a survey and noticed that the new locks we were installing were, in fact, smaller than their current ones, leaving the issue of the marks on the door once they were removed. We suggested installing some finger plates underneath the new ‘Smart Air’ locks to cover the space where the previous locks were. Our client was more than happy with our suggestions and approved the job to go ahead as soon as possible.

Once all the locks were fitted and the client was happy, we moved on to the next stage which was to program the locks, ready for use. With the support of ourselves and the manufacturer, the locks were programmed and further training was given to the person who would be responsible for the day to day for running the system.

A job well done and another client over the moon!!

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