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Homeowners are Warned Against the New Methods Burglars Use to Break into Houses

Experts have warned homeowners to take extra precautions because burglars are now using blowtorches to break in. Locksmiths have put out warnings about these criminals because there have been numerous burglaries across the country. If you are locked out of your home, call a legitimate emergency locksmith in London to help you instead of doing it yourself. Locksmiths in London can help you with opening your doors and will have the right equipment so that there is minimal or no damage done to your doors.

Locksmiths have warned that, in numerous burglaries nationwide, criminals have used heat to blast open doors and even snap off locks. The intruders damage the locks with a blowtorch tool before snapping them and entering the house.

Many locksmith companies in the UK have seen this criminal trend in various home burglary cases. The reason intruders use blowtorches is that they are trying to remove the handle from around the lock so that they can get a good grip on it and then snap it off. Unfortunately, many houses use standard locks that can easily be opened using this method.

This is why experts are recommending investing in snap-resistant locks to prevent burglars who use this and other methods from breaking the door and gaining entry. Snap resistant locks may have their mechanism broken, but the door will remain locked. Although the lock and door will be damaged, the intruders will not have gained access to your home.

Sadly, people don’t usually understand the need for a good lock until they become the victim of burglars. It is quite frustrating to locksmiths because victims will have precautions installed only after the incident has happened. Some homeowners do not heed advice despite the repeated warnings from professional locksmiths in London.

Many homeowners are confident that burglars and intruders will not go through the door as if it were the only way. They will go as far as saying that, if burglars really want to get in, they will smash the window to gain entry. However, burglars do not use this method because it would cause too much noise and can alarm the neighbourhood.

Usually, people who have been burgled come downstairs in the morning and discover that their house has already been broken into. This is because professional thieves make as few noises as possible when everyone is asleep. And those who use blowtorches have a good understanding of which locks are easy to open.

Thieves also know which door locks have been installed by homeowners themselves because they are either too big for the door or there’s something wrong with the installation.

how to find an emergency locksmith london

If you need to replace a doorknob or a lock quickly, an emergency locksmith in London can provide you with plenty of assistance. They will also ensure that the house is secure and recommend any changes to it.

In England and Wales in 2020/21, there were over 267 thousand burglaries, a significant decrease of over 116 thousand from the previous reporting year. Between 2002/03 and 2020/21, there was a clear downward trend in burglary offences, with the most recent year having the fewest burglaries during this time period.

Burglaries are often associated with someone sneaking around in the middle of the night unnoticed, but most burglaries occur between 10 AM and 3 PM, so being cautious all day is beneficial. Simple ways to protect your home from intruders are shared by experts.

Domestic burglaries decreased across the country last year, despite the fact that the majority of the country was on lockdown. As Covid restrictions relax, many people will return to work or take vacations, putting their property and valuables at risk. Installing good home security can help to keep homes secure and deter burglars.

Even though unlocked doors account for 15% of all break-ins, 16% of people admit to leaving their front door unlocked when they leave for the day, and 16% admit to leaving it unlocked when they go to bed. Despite 6% of burglars gaining entry through an open window, nearly 29% of homeowners leave their windows open when they are not at home.

This means that simply locking up can make the home more secure. Other simple precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood of your home becoming a burglary target include not leaving valuables in plain sight. Another is to check in with your neighbours before leaving for an extended period of time.

Homeowners should also do regular security inspections. Look for any damage that can attract the attention of burglars. These can be weak spots or areas they can use to get in. Testing all locking mechanisms to see if they are working properly will also be a simple way of securing your home.

Burglars will seek out access points where they will not be seen, and overgrown trees and bushes provide ideal cover. Clear any greenery that may obscure the view of neighbours from the home's windows or external doors.

If you can afford it, experts also recommend window sensors that sound an alarm when triggered. Alarms are among the most popular choices because they offer all-day and all-night monitoring.

Security cameras are also worth considering if you want a safer home. But those who cannot afford to buy cameras can buy fake ones that emulate how a real one works and that can equally deter any burglar.

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