Posted on January 8, 2019 20:56 by sylius in News

30 minute response time

How do we manage to keep a 30 minute response time?

We at Keys 4 U Locksmith endeavour to always be available to reach you in the event of an emergency within 30 minutes of you calling us. We have the Manpower to ensure that we always have enough coverage to ensure that you are never left without. With over 30 quality technicians nationwide, we will always have a technician just a stone’s throw away from you, no matter where you are located. With extensive coverage throughout Greater London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool; we are well placed to serve you best whenever the need arrives.

Keys4u offer a 24 hour emergency service for those times when your most in need. Contact us on 020 3642 4399 or via email at [email protected] for any help. Keys4u locksmith cover all areas across the United Kingdom.

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