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How to install a deadlock

snapshot of video - how to install a deadlockSteps of how to install a deadlock:

1. Measure the size of the lock and mark the top and bottom of the 5 lever lock on the edge of the door where you plan to drill.
2. Attach the jig in order to create the hole for the lock.
3. Connect the drill to the jig and drill according to the measurements you took previously.
4. Remove jig from the door.
5. Create a hole for the keyhole on the front and back of the door by a 6mm drill bit.
6. Carve the edges of the hole with a chisel in order to insert the face cup plate.
7. Insert the lock into the carved out area you just created and make sure the face cup fits smoothly into the door.
8. Secure lock to the door with the two screws.
9. Place the keyhole covers on the front and back of the door. Insert the key and check it’s working.

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