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Increase your property's value with these home security improvements

For most people, their home is their safe place, where they can relax, raise a family and make memories.

However, with over 370,000 reported burglaries in England and Wales alone in the last year – plus other potential home hazards like flooding, fires and structural damage – it’s worth taking steps to protect your home.

Keys 4 U has put together a guide to home security improvements that could see you add value to your property. 

Light it up

Keeping the outside of your home well lit will deter criminals and attract attention to any uninvited guests trying to gain access to your property.

However, motion-sensor lights offer an eco-friendly alternative to permanent lights, as they only light up when triggered by movement.

Environmentally-friendly features are becoming a strong selling point for potential buyers and its believed energy-efficient features could add up to £25,000 to the selling price of your property.

Garden guarding 

A well-kept garden is key to a home aesthetic and can add up to 20 percent to the value of your home, in addition to the privacy and security benefits bordering bushes and hedges provide.

Lining the borders of your property with bushes stops passersby seeing into your home or garden and adds an extra barrier of protection to your property. They’re also difficult to climb over or force your way through.

Detecting disasters

Break-ins aren’t the only risk to your home. Everyday hazards like flooding, fires and leaks can damage the foundations and structures of your home, stripping away its value.

Like security alarm systems, you can also get alarms that detect other potential household hazards. Fitting a flood alarm near water pipes or washing machines means, if leaking water comes into contact with the device, the alarm will sound and you can tackle the problem straight away.

Similarly, carbon monoxide alarms sound when high concentrations of the poisonous gas are detected in the home and smoke detectors alert you at the early signs of a house fire.

Gate expectations

Adding automatic gates to your property not only increases your home security and privacy but can also add value to your property because of its ‘curb appeal’.

Home electric gates allow you to monitor who’s coming in and out of your property as you have to open the gate with a button. You can often fit a remote fob to your car too, so you can open your gate when you return home. 

Home additions

A garage can be a useful addition to your home, housing your car and offering utility and storage space to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Storing your car, gardening tools and more in a garage keeps them protected against vandalism or theft and provides a safer alternative to standard driveways or sheds.

It’s also estimated a garage can add up to £11,000 in value to a property. Parking spots are at a premium for many homes and you also have the option to turn it into a gym or utility room if needed.

Drive time

Gravel driveways are an attractive and cost-effective option compared with other material alternatives and can add an extra level of security compared with flat surfaces.

The loud crunching noise produced when someone walks over a gravel driveway can be heard in the home and by neighbours, helping you detect unwanted visitors. It’s even been recommended as a security featureby some police organisations.

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