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Is your van security good enough?

More than 3.2 million vans are used for business across the UK, and not only is the van itself a big investment, but it may also be a vital part of your day-to-day business, as are the tools and materials inside. Therefore, it is no surprise that van security is a top priority for van owners up and down the country. However, as criminals find new and innovative ways to gain access to your property, you might want to ask the question – is your van security good enough? This article offers some of the best methods to protect your van, and some practical tips to keep your van secure on a daily basis.

Choose a van that prioritises security features

Not everyone will be in the market for a new van, but those who are should place security at the top of their checklist. There are many things you will want to consider when choosing a van for your business, making it easy to get side-tracked by all the other enticing features. Look for the vans that include a thorough security kit as a standard, not an add-on package. Many modern vans offer a range of innovative security features as an added extra. Look for vans that come with an alarm, an immobiliser, and deadlocks on all doors. Also consider how some models of van come with added security risks. Glazed rear doors are useful to many, but also to criminals, who can easily see the contents of your vehicle. An added way to protect your vehicle is to opt for a mesh grille between the load area and cab, keeping the contents out of sight and protected.

New security technology

First, ensure that the security system that is fitted to your van as a standard van security. This means that an immobiliser is included with your alarm system.

On top of the standard security, there is a wide range of advanced modern security features that you can add to your vehicle to boost protection. One example is an electronic GPS tracker, which can be incredibly helpful when it comes to recovering a stolen vehicle. The presence of a GPS tracker can also lower the price of insurance. Not only will these trackers tell you the location of your vehicle, they can also alert police to the theft too.

Simple security upgrades

The latest security technology can be a pricey but worthwhile addition to your van. However, there are other methods for van security that come at a far more affordable price. Make sure that your van has a steering wheel lock and hand brake lock, old-school yet very effective methods for protecting your vehicle. You can also apply a DIY plastic window tint, not only concealing the contents of your van, but it can also protect a window if smashed. Other affordable additions are lockable fuel filler caps and wheel nuts.

Utilise your security features

Despite all the security measures discussed earlier, none of them will make a difference if you don’t remember to use them. It is important not to get complacent with your van security, as that is when criminals will pounce. Always make sure to lock your van when leaving it unattended, even if only for a minute. Thieves are opportunistic, looking for unlocked vehicles at petrol stations and car parks. Ensure that your windows are shut properly and doors are locked whenever you leave and use your added security measures when leaving your vehicle overnight or for a longer period of time.

Protect your catalysers

Catalytic converters contain precious metals and are therefore a huge attraction for thieves. Criminals know that with vans and high-riding pick-up trucks they can easily access the catalytic converter, so consider investing in targeted protection to keep yours secure. Many companies now offer anti-theft devices  to keep criminals off your catalyser, have one installed in your van for added peace of mind.

Keep a record of your van’s contents

Another way to be prepared for any incidents is to keep an inventory of everything you keep in your van. It is also a great idea to keep and file away your receipts for any particularly expensive items that will be kept in your van. This will help you make an insurance claim in the event of a theft, and the inventory will help you prove which items should be included in your claim. You can also register any valuable pieces of equipment on a database designed to register valuables. If you have already taken these lengths to protect your van, then the chances are that you have done as much as you can to keep your van secure. However, it is still important to take day-to-day measures, such as parking in CCTV areas and spaces that lack space on all sides for criminals to act. There are always more steps you can take to heighten the protection of your van and its contents, so make sure you stay up-to-date on all the latest technology and devices designed to prevent theft.

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