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An Experienced Local Locksmith Explains How A Master Key System Works

local locksmith, lock repair, locksmith londonWhen you have a master key, you can unlock several locks without having to carry multiple keys. For apartment owners this is quite useful since at times you need to access the premises even when the tenant isn’t around.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that your immediate neighbour or local locksmith will have a free pass to your house. While a master key can easily unlock all the doors in the apartment, other keys won’t be able to accomplish the same task.

Understanding Master Key Systems

It can be difficult to understand the master key system if you are clueless about how normal locks from a local locksmith work. The locks found in most doors in your home are cylinder locks. This doesn’t mean that this is the only lock type available, but the principle behind the system is common in most locks found on the market.

The cylinder lock houses a puzzle that unlocks when the correct key is inserted in the cylinder. To make the locks unique, there are some changes made to the system so that only a single key opens the lock. With these locks, the system is based on the pin and tumbler design. Simply put, this consists of pins that are attached to springs and they usually come in several pairs.

The driver pins are found on the upper side while the key pins are located at the bottom. The latter is made in correspondence to the exact design of the key. On inserting the exact key into the chamber, the pins will be moved from the space which clears the groove allowing the lock to turn.

Now that you have an idea about the workings of lock systems, it’s time to understand the master key system. This works in the same way as a tumbler and pin locks albeit with slight differences. Between the normal key pins and driver pins, you will find another array of smaller pins. This implies that it will also have an additional shear line, unlike the basic version that has only one. When a regular key is inserted, it turns the normal shear but when using a master key, you will be using the additional pin system.

In general, this system is specifically designed to open the lock under certain circumstances. For instance, when the owner or caretaker of an apartment may need to access the locks conveniently. Having a master key can prevent the need for a costly lock repair from an owner forcing the lock or door in an emergency situation.

Should you have a local locksmith install a master key system on your property?

Now that you understand how a master key system can make your life easier, you may be interested in having one installed. A professional locksmith in London can help you introduce the convenience and peace of mind offered by this system.

There are some concerns about security issues associated with these lock systems. The truth is that if a malicious individual gains access to the master key, there is a possibility of security breach. Nevertheless, you can avoid these scenarios by ensuring you’ve installed a master key system from a reliable local locksmith and that the master key is stored in a secure place when not in use.

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