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Don't Stay Locked Out: 8 Tips To Handle Lock Out Situations


When you're locked out of your home, apartment or office, the last thing you want to do is hang around outside for long periods waiting to get back in. Check out these alternative solutions that could save you from being stuck outside for long hours.

1. Check for a spare key

If you’re living in a rented property, your landlord or property manager might have a duplicate key for the lock in question. It doesn’t hurt to ask, though it might not be the quickest solution, especially if it’s late at night or on a weekend.

2. Call a friend or neighbour for help

If you’re locked out and there’s no way to make a phone call, ask somebody who lives nearby if you can use their phone. Even if they don't have a spare key, they may still be able to bring tools that could get you back in the house or car. A screwdriver can be used to remove panels inside the doorframe, or you can use a drill to open the lock. You might want to use a hammer to force your way into a locked car, for instance. However, be aware that all these methods may result in damage to your property which can be expensive to fix. You may also be leaving your home or car vulnerable to opportunist thieves if it’s left open because you’ve smashed a window or broken the door mechanism, for instance.

3. Use your phone to find the key

If you think you’ve dropped your key but can’t immediately see it anywhere around, there are a few ways you can use your phone to find the lock. These include:

  • Using a flashlight app to help you find your lost keys in the dark. Just make sure to turn off your screen before trying it, or else you're just going to be illuminating more darkness and making your search harder!
  • Using a mirror - if you've dropped your keys in an area where it's difficult for light from above to reach, try holding up a mirror instead of shining that bright light directly on them. Chances are there will still be enough ambient light for you to see them reflected in their reflections!
  • Using a magnifying glass - this works similarly to using the mirror except all you need is some sort of surface that reflects light back onto whatever surface you think the missing key(s) might be on. A piece of paper will do just fine if nothing else is around.

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4. Call an Uber or Lyft driver

If you're stuck outside your home or office and don't want to pay a locksmith, calling an Uber or Lyft driver can help. The drivers are available late at night, travel at any postcode, and can help you get inside your house or office if they have the right tools. Some drivers also carry spare keys on hand for situations like these. If all else fails, there's always breaking in—but we recommend doing this only as a last resort!

5. Take off the doorknob

Most doorknobs have concealed connections or mounting screws, but if you look closely you’ll see a pin-sized hole or slot below or to the side of the doorknob.

  1. Grab a thin piece of metal (like a straightened bobby pin or a paper clip), insert your newly made tool into the hole, and apply pressure.
  2. You should feel resistance. Keep pushing the metal tool as far into the hold as possible with one hand while you pull and turn the doorknob with your other hand.
  3. Continue applying pressure and simultaneously pulling and twisting until you’ve removed the doorknob.
  4. Now all you have to do is pry off the decorative plate to reveal the lockset. Use a screwdriver (or your bobby pin) to pull back on the locking mechanism—the door should unlock.

6. Use an old credit card

If you're locked out of your home and don't have a key, you could try using an old credit card to jimmy open the door. Make sure it's one with a long-expired expiration date or a card that’s easily replaceable. If it works, great!

7. Visit a nearby hotel

If you're stranded in the middle of the night, you can always stay at a nearby hotel. This might be your best bet if you don't have any other options. Regardless of the postcode, hotels are open 24/7, they'll have staff on hand who can help, and you know you’ll be safe here till morning when you can contact someone to help.

But there is one downside: hotels tend to be expensive, especially if it's late at night; this will probably be the last resort for most people.

8. Try breaking in - carefully - but don't break any laws when doing so!

If all else fails, you can try breaking into your home or car yourself, but be careful. Don't break windows or doors: You don't want to cause any unnecessary damage by trying to force entry through a window or door, even if it's just one of those little side windows in the back seat. Try another method first!

Don't use tools like crowbars and hammers. Tools like these will only damage your property, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. They can also lead to injury if used incorrectly.

Don’t use pry bars as well. It may seem counterintuitive at first glance, but using heavy pry bars can actually make things worse when trying to open locked cars because they're often made out of metal — and metal will cut through glass easily! Use caution when attempting this method just in case it doesn't work out well…especially since there could be sharp edges left behind after using them.

If using a credit card or slim jim to open the door won't work, try breaking in - but be very careful not to damage the door or lock. Other than a screwdriver and credit card, use other small tools like a pen, knife or tweezers to help you.

It works best if you have two bobby pins or two paper clips, but if you only have one, cut it in half to make two tools.

1. Form an "L" with one of the metal pieces. This gadget serves as your tension rod, keeping the lock in place.

2. Straighten the other end of the wire and bend a little "W" into it. This item will assist you in unlocking the lock's pins.

3. Maintain tension in the lock by holding the L-shaped portion in place.

4. Feel for pins inside the lock using the W-shaped piece.

5. To unlock the door, use the W-shaped piece to push the pins up.

If all else fails, try kicking the door open - but be sure not to damage anything in the process!

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Contact local locksmith companies

If you're locked out of your home or car, the very best thing you can do is contact a local locksmith company for help. This is perhaps the smartest step you could do, because locksmiths are experts who are always up-to-date on the latest methods of getting into locked homes quickly and without causing any damage at all where possible. The quality of their work guarantees speed, efficiency, and safety.

Let’s face it: if you have a locksmith emergency, the last thing you want to do is wait around. A top locksmith company can deploy locksmiths 24/7, because they understand that lock-out problems can happen anytime, especially when least expected. Search for a “cost of locksmith to open house door near me” online, and you’ll quickly realise that they’re good value for money, especially when you consider the alternatives, such as breaking and replacing a window or door.

When in search of an exceptional “locksmith near me for house keys” online, look no further than Keys4U Locksmith!

Keys4U Locksmith is a trusted company that delivers top after-hours locksmith services because we are always available to help their customers, no matter what time it is. We also charge affordable rates and offer a wide range of services, so you can be sure that we will be able to help you with your specific needs. With our level of reliability, you can be sure that we will show up on time and get the job done right.

If you have a question about locksmith after hours near me, you are in the right place. Read our FAQ section below.

How can I pay a locksmith near me?

One option is to call a locksmith near you and ask about payment options. A reputable locksmith service like Keys4ulocksmith has a clear and transparent payment structure and will offer a wide range of options for how to pay.

Our team provides a clear and concise breakdown of all possible fees so that our customers are not caught out by any hidden costs.

Do I need to call a locksmith near me to repair my house door lock?

Yes. If your house door lock is not working properly, it is probably best to search for a professional "house locksmith near me" online to repair it quickly and easily. The best ones will have the tools and experience to assess the problem and fix it on the spot.

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Our team at Keys4ULocksmith can replace or repair different types of locks for doors including Yale locks, UPVC door mechanisms, mortice locks, and more. We also specialise in non-destructive entry methods so you can be sure that your property will not be damaged in the process.

Do I need a house locksmith near me UK?

You might need a house locksmith near you if you've lost your key, or if you want to upgrade your security. Most locksmiths offer a wide range of services, such as key cutting, lock repairs, and door opening. Prices for services vary depending on the locksmith so carry out a thorough search on "house locksmith near me and prices" online to get an idea of what’s reasonable.

Before hiring a locksmith, make sure you get quotes from a few different companies and check their reviews online. It's also important to make sure that the locksmith is qualified and insured.

Who do I need to call for a lock change near me?

A home locksmith will be able to change the locks on your door quickly and easily. They can also re-key your locks so that only you have the key to them.

The best home locksmiths are at Keys4U Locksmith which has a proven track record in the industry. We're always on standby, even during weekends and holidays, to assist you with your lock change needs. Call us today to find out more!

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