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Door Repair, Smart Locks, and Cameras: A Locksmith in Coventry is all you need!


A locksmith does so much more than simply switch out a lock if you have misplaced your keys. You may not think about all of the ways a locksmith in Coventry may be able to assist you, but there are almost endless options when it comes to keeping your home as safe and secure as possible. They can replace doors, install locks on windows, and even install the latest camera technology that comes attached to most modern security systems. The goal is that your house is locked up as tight as possible, and with smart technologies, you can quickly view who has tried to enter your home or who is ringing your doorbell to deliver a package. With so many different locking systems and doors to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start which is why the expertise of a professional locksmith is all the more necessary. This short guide will lay out three important locksmith services you can consider the next time you are ready to call a locksmith and make improvements to your home security.

Install a Smart Lock System

The smart lock system embodies everything that a good lock system needs and the added safety that comes from only those who know the code being able to open the door. You may be concerned about your current deadbolt system and feel that it needs an upgrade. Multipoint locking systems offer good security, but they do require a key to open them. If you forget or misplace the key it can mean that an entirely new locking system must be installed by your locksmith. It can be time-consuming and costly to have to wait outside your home or office while you wait for your locksmith to arrive, uninstall the whole locking system from the door and then reinstall a new one. As well, if it is the middle of winter, chances are you do not want to have to wait in your car to stay warm or on the street while you try to sort out the mess of being locked out. This is why the smart lock system has become so popular in recent years and why you may want to consider making the switch during the warmer months.

Before you rush out and purchase your own smart lock system though, you should consult with a locksmith. They can come to your home and look at the type of door you have whether it is wood, UPVC, or another material. Then, they can look at the type of locks you already have installed. These are usually cylinders and deadbolts and their removal will usually leave enough room for the smart lock system to be installed in the area they have just vacated on the door. If it appears that your door is not compatible with the proposed smart lock system then this is not a problem either. Any professional locksmith in Coventry will be able to do a door replacement or repair the area so that the lock system can be installed.

The Benefits of a Smart Lock System

The reason that so many people are moving towards smart locks is that they provide a keyless entry for you and those who need access to your home and business. With one code provided for all or separate codes for each person, all they need to do is punch the code in and they have access to the building. If a code is forgotten then it is easily changed with the help of a locksmith or the customer service team in charge of security checks and code resetting. Some smart locks even have apps associated with them so you can unlock your home or business remotely if you have a friend from out of town coming to stay and you aren’t home to let them in. Or you have some packages being delivered or house cleaners coming who need access to your building. Essentially, smart locks are designed so that you never have to worry about losing your keys and being locked out again.

Introducing Smart Doorbell Cameras

Another piece of home tech that is often seen in apartment buildings and houses in the city is smart doorbell cameras. Have you ever arrived on the doorstep of a friend's or colleagues’ home, rang the doorbell, and had a small camera focus on you? Chances are you have. The person inside the home has a small video screen next to the receiver. This is to provide security so that they can check who is outside their door. The camera is activated by the doorbell and that way the person inside the home or business can see who is outside and ask them any questions they may feel prudent if they do not know them. You can never be too safe! Once you have seen who is at the door you can buzz them inside or not, it is up to you. This is a very good system to have in place if you have children who spend time at home after school before you arrive home from work, receive a lot of unknown visitors, or live in an area of town that may be subject to a lot of break-ins from burglars posing as upstanding members of society. You will never need to answer the door blind again.

Smart Doorbell Camera Installation

Installing a smart doorbell may be a bit of a daunting feat to undertake on your own. You will need to select the one that best fits the area around your main entrance as well as make sure that the wiring is compatible with what is already in place. You will want to use a locksmith for this as they will be able to best advise you on which smart doorbell will work well with your pre-existing locking system or if you should consider an upgrade in that department as well. A smart doorbell tends to work best with a smart lock system. Once your smart doorbell is installed you will feel safe and secure as you will always know who is on the other side of your door before answering. Just make sure that the camera is always placed in a way that it avoids blind spots. If you feel that a smart lock system and a smart doorbell are the first two steps in making your home safe and secure there may be one other area that you wish to consider: your door.

Door Repair and Door Installation

Maintaining a strong security network around your home or business is key if you are located in a neighborhood that is unfortunately subject to crime. Even smaller cities and towns have their own criminal underworlds that you want to keep your home or business safe from. If you have already made the big leap and sprung for a smart lock system and a smart doorbell then it may be time to update your actual door before installation of these new systems even begins. A locksmith in Coventry can provide a business or house door repair service so that your current door is up to code and can support the new systems, or they can do an actual door replacement. UPVC doors have become the door of choice for those using complex multi-locking systems or smart locks. It is not easy to install a new door as your door frame has to be measured and then the necessary locking mechanisms have to be measured and installed on it. It is necessary to have a professional come in and perform these tasks if you want to be secure in the knowledge that it was installed correctly and not haphazardly by a friend or family member claiming to have watched a YouTube tutorial on how to do it. Cutting corners when it regards safety and security is never an option.

Your locksmith will come in and provide all of these services at an affordable rate and at any time of the day or night if it is an emergency. It can take some time to decide on what is the right locking system for you and you made decided that you want your entire home assessed for security purposes. A locksmith can install your locks, doors, and security systems, even the locks on your windows. If you notice that there is a broken latch, all you need to do is let your locksmith know as he is working on your door and smart locks and he can easily install a new latch.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Home is Secure

There is nothing better after a long day in the office than coming home and having the peace of mind that everything is in its place. The cleaner was able to come in and clean with her smart lock code, you were able to view the pizza delivery man through your smart doorbell video or avoid some pesky canvassers, and all of your windows are latched tightly to avoid any unwanted attention. Your home is as secure as can be!

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