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Changing Your Locks? Call a Locksmith in St. Albans

A locksmith in St Albans changes a lockHome security is one of the most important priorities of everyday life. One of the ways to ensure that security and keep the status quo is through a lock change. There are many reasons why you would want to change your locks, and one reason is no more important than the next. Regardless of the reason, it all comes down to one thing – your peace of mind.

Just like with any major security update or change, you want to make sure the job is done right. Following a check list and calling a professional to check over your work are the best ways to make certain nothing was missed in the process, potentially compromising your safety and security. A locksmith in St. Albans, for example, specializes in a wide variety of services and can help you with changing your locks.

Important Notes About Changing a Lock

The first thing you should do when changing a lock is determine the type of door and the type of lock you are working with. Some doors use specific types of locks, for example a UPVC door uses a more sophisticated locking system than a standard wooden door. There are many types of lock systems such as bolts, hooks, and pins which are left to the choice of the home owner (but do be sure that whatever you choose is insurance approved).

When you are choosing the type of lock to install in your door, make sure to measure the opening of the cylinder so you know which size to get. Locks come in many sizes depending on the level of security required and the size of the door.

Once you determine the type and size of your new lock, replacing the lock itself can be a bit tricky. As a security measure, locks can only be removed when the door is open, through the side plate where the bolt or hook would come out. You need to remove the plate screw, insert the key into the lock and turn it so the tumblers are all flush with one another, and then slide the entire cylinder out of the door.

There is a sweet spot to removing a lock and it can be a bit frustrating if you have never done it before. A locksmith in St. Albans is only a phone call away and can provide assistance in tackling finicky locks. Many homeowners prefer the peace of mind that comes from hiring a professional rather than trusting their home security to their own DIY skills.

Professionals That are Here for You

Calling a locksmith can even make the process of finding a new lock easier and less stressful. From Birmingham to London, a locksmith in St. Albans or even a locksmith in Northampton, will know exactly what types of locks work best with each type of door.

They are the resident experts and will be able to tell you which locks are the strongest, safest, and most cost effective. Saving you the trouble of doing the work yourself, locksmiths can be in and out in an afternoon, working quick to get you on your way. Whatever the reason to change you locks, locksmith professionals are there for you every step of the way.

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