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Safe support – Help with every aspect of security safes

You need a safe. And you need it fitted. Perhaps your existing safe is locked shut and you want help accessing the contents. Maybe you have a perfectly good safe which just needs mending. Whatever your needs, you deserve a locksmith you can trust, someone who knows everything there is to know about safes who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. That’s exactly what we do, with a team of professional locksmiths on hand to resolve every kind of problem.
Open a safe – Locksmiths you can trust

Locked safe? Forgotten your combination number or lost the key? Whatever the make or brand, we know how to get it open. Safe opening is often a matter of knowing how and where to retrieve the information needed to unlock it, for example the right factory code. But no matter how challenging it is, we’ll open locked safes for you in no time, with no fuss and no hassle.

Install a safe – The best safe for your circumstances

A safe is still one of the most secure on-premises ways to store and protect valuable items and sensitive information. But which kind of safe will suit you best? We are happy to advise you about the best choices for your circumstances, as well as providing professional safe fitting services and safe installation.

Fix a safe – Greener than replacement

Safes can be expensive, which means repair is often the best financial option. Because they’re heavy, they can also be expensive and inconvenient to get rid of. Fixing a safe is also greener than buying new. If it can be mended, we’ll mend it for you.
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