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Reasons for a Lock Change

Locks are used to secure our homes, cars, and belongings. Sometimes, to ensure that security, it’s necessary to change out old locks for new ones. Local locksmiths, such as ones found at Locksmith Sheffield, are able to assist you quickly no matter what time of day or night you call.

Whether you’ve lost your keys, suffered a burglary, or simply have a new flatmate, there are many reasons to need a lock change.

Often, people want to upgrade to a more secure lock for insurance purposes. If you’re securing anything protected by insurance, you’ll want a lock with at least a three-star rating. Read on for our advice on common locks.

What are the most common lock types?

The use of a lock and key system for storage and security purposes dates back to ancient civilizations. From ancient Assyria to the modern day, locks have undergone a lot of change throughout the years.

Locks come in a variety of makes and models, each with a different construction. The sort of lock you need will depend on whether you’re in a house, an apartment, or a commercial building. Regardless of the sort of building you’re in, when securing your home or business, you need to ensure your lock is insurance approved.

The most common type of lock is a mortice lock, which can be in a latch style or a deadbolt style. Mortice locks require a key both to unlock and lock them, which makes it difficult to lock yourself out of your home. For home insurance purposes, you may need to use a mortice lock that complies with British Standard BS3621.

When a mortice lock is used, it is often paired with a deadbolt lock, which is a sturdy lock that can only be engaged from inside and requires a key to be opened from the outside.

Multi-point locking systems feature multiple locks on a single door that are all turned with one key. They are commonly used in houses on UPVC doors.

Cylinder locks are one of the most common locks used on doors. Performing a lock change on a cylinder lock is a less involved procedure as the locksmith can simply replace the cylinder rather than dismantling the entire lock. Unfortunately, these locks are vulnerable to lockbreaking and thus some home insurers do not approve them for use on external doors.

When you engage a locksmith, be sure they’re replacing your locks with high-quality products from established brands like Chubb (formerly Union) and Yale. Your home or business’s security is too important to be trusted to a poor-quality lock.

Have more questions about locks?

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which lock is the best for your needs. While your insurer can give you some guidelines, talking with a locksmith can also give you some idea of how to make the best decision.

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