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Roller Shutter Doors

We supply and install Roller Shutter Doors, which are most commonly used in industrial settings and for garages; but are strong and suitable for a range of domestic, commercial or industrial use. Roller shutters are also commonly used for cabinet enclosures, lorries and on windows for insulation. Their vertical operation and compactness once completely open make them very practical and easy to use and they give great protection not only against the elements but also from burglaries and vandalism. They are usually constructed from aluminium or steel horizontal slats.

Insulated roller doors have been increasingly popular for their energy efficiency in commercial and industrial settings as well as domestic garages. Fire rated roller shutters are designed to prevent fire and smoke from spreading and are also a popular choice.

Manual & Electric Operations Are Available

They come with the options of either manual or electric operations and once over a certain size will need to be electrically operated. Most good rollers come with an emergency manual override system should there be a security outage. It's worth shopping around for good quality rollers since, like anything, one's manufactured with cheap components will fail much more quickly. If you need some advice about our Roller Shutter installation service, speak to one of our locksmiths for guidance.