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Security Lock Types

One questions we get from customers calling us for new lock fittings are – what type of lock should we get? Or, as it’s often put – what’s the cheapest lock I can install that doesn’t snap open at the slightest pull?

Security vs. budget is indeed a major concern, that’s why we at KEYS4U take pride in our competitive rates on locks from all ranges and purposes – and we guarantee to find a solution for everyone’s price range and security requirements.

So what types of locks are available for you?

Night Latches – The most standard lock you can think of. You won’t find many doors without it, and therefore it is relatively cheap – and relatively easy to break

Rim/mortice lock – Better known in the UK as “The Bottom Lock”. Offer slightly better security, usually added to the night latches as a an extra deterrent. Often come in the 3 or 5 lever variations, the latter being the more secure one.

Mul-T-Locks – the most secure lock around, with advanced coding technology embedded into it. They are virtually impossible to pick or break. When you install one of these locks, you get an authorization code, which you have to use if you want to make extra keys cut, and only certified vendors (and KEYS4U among them) are allowed to install these locks and cut keys for them.

The choice of lock is up to your consideration and budget. We believe that your home security is something worth investing in. Too often, we get emergency call-outs from people who’s flats were broken into using the simplest tools – credit card, screwdriver – since they only had the most simple, cheapest lock installed. If someone is out to commit burglary, it’s our job to make it impossible for them to break into your house in particular – and for that, the more secure a lock the better! Call our offices today and get a free quote and home security consultation, and perhaps even book an appointment for a new lock fitting!

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