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Smart home technology – the key to improving your lifestyle and looking after the people you love

15,000 sets of keys are left on the London Transport network per year – how many house burglaries are there per year in the UK – how about more than a million? What percentage of burglaries are by gaining access through the front door – would you believe 75 percent? From start to finish reading this article around six burglaries will take place.

But it could be that technology is making our homes as secure as vehicles (crime rates are going down dramatically thanks to advancers in anti-theft devices. Welcome to the era of the smart home as we say goodbye to keys and and say hi to the big brother who looks after your security through your phone.

As technology takes us ever closer to a driverless car – with home security the key issue now is actually whether to issue a key at all as smart home technology provides us with ever more ingenious methods of keeping the people you don’t want out, while welcoming those you do want over your threshold to enter with ease. And like all new technology, smart home automation can change your life as the door that you enter becomes part of a sophisticated, home automation system.

The keyless smart door removes worry and gives you total control (and for you traditional types, don’t worry, you can still use those chunky keys). And once you have your door secure you can start thinking about a raft of other digital advances in your smart home system; installing CCTV and home security installations; automating your lights and controlling them remotely; stopping a leak becoming a flood disaster; this one is really cool….get the hot water meter to talk to the coffeemaker so when you’ve had your 6.30am shower your skinny flat white is ready and waiting; and if you are like me, continually worrying if you left a window open your smarthome will let you know when something is not right, as soon as you need to know.

And here is the best bit of all, the technology covers your own home, your Airbnb and short lets, your office and your holiday place in the country as you create, duplicate and control digital devices to open doors from your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth-enabled device. instead of worrying when you are out, your smart home is an actual big brother guarding and monitoring your most precious possessions, your home and the people you love. And the technology is not only for the area in and around your home, it is also highly relevant for places of work and beyond including tracking staff members who are working alone remotely.

But as with all technological advances smart homes are not infallible and as we have seen with online banking and other aspects of web security, hackers are becoming more adapt at stealing our data thus increasing the vulnerability and reputation of smart home technology. Higher costs and adapting to the new technology are also issues to consider.
But for home and work, the key advantages of convenience, security, efficiency, added value to the property price and the ability to add smart home options to your DIY repertoire all combine to confirm that the smart money should be on a smart home.

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