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Stay Secure When You Are Away from Home

Stay Secure When You Are Away from Home

Life is fast paced, hectic and hurried and with a million and one things constantly rattling around in your brain, something as simple as being able to stay secure when you are away from home is easily overlooked. Imagine you are sipping your second strawberry daiquiri 30,000 feet up over the Atlantic Ocean when suddenly you turn to your partner and ask, ‘did you lock the front door?’. If that one locked door is your only deterrent against the threat of home invaders, you will be counting the minutes before your holiday ends and you return to your property.

Achieving this sense of security whether you are out at the office or on the other side of the world is easy to attain and by implementing a few changes and making a few adjustments to your home’s security, a million and one worries, will soon become a mere million. Here at Keys4Ulocksmiths we offer a comprehensive burglary repairs service but with our expertise in providing thorough preventative care with extensive Security Upgrades and Smart Lock Installation you will not need to worry about availing of our burglary repairs services.


Because we are not all lucky enough to have a plucky Kevin McAllister on hand to defend our property from the likes of Marv and Harry, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your household and possessions protected. It is our pleasure to provide the perfect, certified technician to hold your hand each step of the way. (For tips on staying secure at Christmas, see here). Why choose Keys4U Locksmith Services?

  • We provide free consultations at a time that suits you
  • Our emergency response time is a rapid 30 minutes
  • We use the latest non-destructive techniques with the most advanced equipment
  • Our friendly, caring technicians are expertly trained to deliver impeccable service
  • We study the very latest trends to keep our customers’ security up to date
  • Extensive, top end security products make us a one stop location for all your security needs
  • Free estimates, no call out charge and 24/7 service
  • Experienced, reliable, locksmith expertise provided at competitive prices and always with a smile

We know, more than most, that a callous breach of your privacy and potentially losing everything you hold dear is the ultimate, personal violation yet so many people still leave keys under mats and expensive items on display. There is a harsh reality that a locked door is not impenetrable to the professional thieves on the lookout for an easy target, so you need to do everything in your power to prevent such a destructive occurrence from befalling your family. Our experts have put together a 3-point checklist4u to help when you are preparing for a well-deserved getaway.

1. Keep Your Business to Yourself

It is tempting to tag, check in and post your whereabouts and business all over social media but your online footprint is simply a pathway for burglars to follow. Experienced thieves can piece together a profile of their victims and have a detailed image of their home from viewing seemingly innocent uploads to your social accounts. Stay smart online and reduce the risks of advertising your home to would be intruders.

2. Be Careful who You Trust

This may sound harsh but when considering a house sitter or seeking someone to water the plants or feed the cat, you need to be thorough in your search. Trusting that this person will adhere to the same security standards you do while not making it obvious that they are your go to person while you are away is a difficult thing to do. A family member or close trusted friend will happily help you out but draw up a list for them and make sure they change up the routine so their visits cannot be predicted. You can ask them to,

  • Avoid telling others of your travels
  • Switch lights on in alternating rooms
  • Help them to avoid doing things that might arouse suspicion
  • Play music or leave the TV on for the duration of their visit
  • Deal with any deliveries and post that has arrived
  • Call you when they arrive to keep you in the loop to keep your mind at ease

3. Review your Current Security

Ensure your current security systems are working. Upgrade or service any older products and test them extensively before you leave. Motion sensor lights and CCTV equipment can be the difference between keeping your home secure and losing everything so if you have not done so already, give our experts a call to request a review.

We are here to assist you in finding the right solution for your security needs and it could not be easier to contact us. Keys4ULocksmiths will help you stay secure when you are away from home and ensure that the next time you are 30,000 feet up over the Atlantic Ocean, the only thing you will have to say when you turn to your partner is, ‘another cocktail dear?’.

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