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The Science Of Security

Science of Security – Audio, video and door entry CCTV

We’re all familiar with the phrase “I wish I had a camera back then” and mostly, this is said in a good way. Indeed there are many good moments, ‘Kodak moments’, in life but once every blue moon there may come a wholly different kind of occasion that requires documentation.

The busiest, most frequented place in our home is the entry way, the door. We greet our loved ones there, we receive guests or deliveries – it is the threshold and the barrier between the public place and our private space. More importantly, the threshold of our home also signifies a different territory, legally.

If any place in our home should be under surveillance, it would be our doorways, our mediums to the outside world – doors and windows and any other interface. One would do good by himself and loved ones in monitoring and recording the gateways to one’s home. These are the places that are susceptible to the unauthorised entrance, also to any transactions with the immediate outside world and its denizens.

It’s been proven that the mere presence of an up-to-date monitoring system may deter intruders.

Not only that, but the implementation of access control measures, burglar alarm and high-security locks – all these minimise any chance of intrusion, whilst keeping you informed as to the (legitimate) comings and goings of your haven.

Today’s technology, our technology, allows you a comprehensive solution to that “once in a blue moon” happenstance – it may be a disagreement with a neighbour or courier, it might be an intruder that needs to be warded off. It also may never happen and we wish it dearly, but urban living does have its shortcomings so one must prepare.

You are welcome to peruse through our variety of security solutions. The Science of Security is on your side, the good side, allowing you now to monitor, record, be notified when something’s amiss – all state of the art technology and at prices which decent people may and should afford.

We’re not paranoid; neither do we expect you to be. We’re here to offer a multi-tiered solution to the essentials of security your home and loved ones need and deserve. Knowledge indeed is power and the sensible choice, in this day and age. Come and learn the benefits of closed-circuit monitoring (CCTV), with its ability to record pristine audio to document any and all transactions. Combine it with means of access control and high end locks, all designed to let Y O U decide, who can enter and when.

Do not thank us, thank yourself for this. Maybe not today and neither tomorrow but a time will come, a time you’ll know you’ve made the right choice, kept safe.

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