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Case Study: Transom Door Closer

A tricky transom door closerAn absolute nightmare of a job for many locksmiths!!!

A regular client our company called to complain that one of their external office doors was not closing correctly.

As we have been to this site before, we knew that the door awaiting us was a heavy aluminum framed, glass door.

On inspection of the door our engineer quickly identified the issue was with door closer built into the aluminum door. It was not providing enough force to completely close the door and keep it latched closed. These units are notoriously difficult to access as they are usually riveted into the top corner of the door.

A local locksmith from Keys4U working on a transom door closer

Our client told us that a couple of other locksmiths had attended and walked away from the job as they could not fix the issue, however our engineer is not one to turn away from a tricky job.

He managed to open the panel and could then access the adjustment screws and from then it was a case of trial and error and testing to get the correct force needed to let the door close and stay closed at the correct speed and pressure.

Good job showing that, even the trickiest of jobs can be dealt with by All Service 4U!

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