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Who to call

Hello readers!

Just popping in to remind you that we are an emergency service and can be called at any time of the day and night.

You might be wondering what prompted this evident clarification. But when you look at the recent stats compiled by the London Fire Brigade, you’ll see why.

When you are locked out, do not, I repeat, do not call the fire services. This sounds completely obvious but you’d be surprised what silly things people do when they are drunk. Or in a panic which happens often enough if you’re locked out with a 3 year old on the other side and the hob still on. The fire service would be the first place to call in that case but for most lock-outs, as annoying as it is to have wait outside your house, especially in the rain, it does not merit calling out the big red trucks with flashing lights.

London’s fire service is particularly busy rescuing cats from trees, extinguishing burning houses and saving lives but they are also called out for slightly more trivial things such as being locked out of vehicles and flats, on a regular basis. Leave that job up to us.

Granted, both of us can be called out in emergencies but calling the fire brigade is a much more serious thing to waste time over if it can be solved with a locksmith. The stats show that nearly every hour, a fire brigade is called out for something like this when they should be available for something more serious.

Records show that in the last 3 years, the fire services have been called out to nearly 22,000 lock-out incidents which is estimated to be about 20 call-outs per day. Unless someone’s life is at risk or there is a possibility of fire (a cooker/oven or electrical wires causing the danger), it will end up wasting everyone’s time.

Think about the options before you decide who to phone. If you have a place to wait, if no-one is in danger and there is no risk of fire, please call the locksmith.

Remember, Keys4U will always be able to help when you call us and we can be there as quickly as possible with no extra time or money wasted. Leave the flames and kitties to the fire fighters and give us a call when you’re locked out. I recommend that you save our number on your phone just in case so you’ll be more likely to call the right emergency services when needed.

Stay safe and remember that we are 24/7/365 – Keys4U will let you in!

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