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Home Security Surveys: Why They're Essential for Owners

Let's cut straight to the chase. Thinking your home is safe because it looks sturdy from the outside? That's just skimming the surface. There's more to home safety than what meets the eye, which brings us to why every homeowner should consider a professional security survey. It’s not about causing panic or suggesting that danger lurks around every corner, but rather about being proactive in safeguarding one of your most significant investments - your home.

In an era where uncertainty can feel like the only certainty, taking control of your home security isn’t just smart; it’s necessary. From evaluating potential weak points you might've never considered to ensuring that high-tech gadgets are giving you real protection and not just peace of mind, a thorough look into how secured your sanctuary truly is could be one of the wisest decisions you make this year.

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Understanding the Importance of a Home Security Survey

The news is always full of house break-ins and issues around safety in the home. If you want peace of mind, regardless of whether you are at home, then a home security survey is a good first step.

Whether you live in a high-risk area, or you're confident that your home is safe, getting a professional opinion on your home security is always a good idea.

The role of a security survey in home safety

A Home Security Survey takes a close and careful look at your home's security setup, pinpointing any weak spots alongside the safety measures you already have in place. Conducted by seasoned professionals, this assessment aims to identify areas where security enhancements are needed, tailoring the recommendations to your unique needs and circumstances.

At the heart of the Home Security Survey is a meticulous assessment of your current security apparatus. Our highly skilled locksmiths meticulously scrutinise your existing locks, alarms, access control systems, and other security components to gauge their effectiveness and reliability.

How a professional security survey can protect your property

When you are thinking about getting a home security survey, always deal with the experts. ERA Home Security are registered with the Master Locksmith's Association which acts as a testament of our expertise and efficiency in dealing with home security issues.

Whether you've recently had new windows and doors fitted, or you have moved into a different property, it's a good idea to have a professional security check.

Components of a Comprehensive Home Security Risk Assessment

One of the top priorities for homeowners is ensuring their home is as secure as possible. Unfortunately, for many people, what is considered secure can turn out to be just the opposite.

The problem is many people are not aware of the potential vulnerabilities that criminals frequently exploit. This is why a professional home security risk assessment is important. A security risk assessment could end up saving you money and a lot of heartaches.

Identifying potential weak points in your home's security

A security site survey will examine your property in detail, so that an effective security system can be planned. By completing a full security risk assessment, our team will be able to advise on the best security controls for your property.

The survey will examine the likelihood of potential issues, with recommendations made based on the risk level, legal requirements, and your budget.

Evaluating the effectiveness of existing alarm systems

You may think your home is as secure as possible, but the reality is that often homeowners are only aware of security vulnerabilities once criminals have exploited them. A home security risk assessment is a sure way of making sure the barn door is closed before the horse has bolted.

Everything from the quality of your door and window locks and identifying possible entry points is covered in a risk assessment.

Assessing the functionality of CCTV systems

CCTV systems have come a long way since all they recorded was grainy footage onto a VHS tape. These days, full HD systems that can be remotely accessed and send instant alerts when breaches are detected are the norm.

We can make sure all your CCTV cameras are up to date, capable of the job they are installed to do, and placed in the optimum positions. Our team is ready to dive in, take a good look at the whole system, and make sure everything is crystal clear and working perfectly.

Why Engage Professionals for Your Home Security Check?

We need to educate the public to better understand the role of the locksmith as their security professional. A locksmith/security professional does much more than change the combination of a lock and originate and duplicate keys.

We know the types and grades of locks and related door hardware that should be used to secure a customer's residence, business, or property. We are experienced and knowledgeable to recommend the most appropriate security for their budget and possessions.

The expertise offered by trained consultants

Getting a professional to check out your property is a quick and easy step that gives you the kind of peace knowing your family, possessions, and you are safe.

We make sure to take a close look at the alarm systems you already have in place and check how well they're working as part of our risk assessment. Alarm systems are a crucial part of any security system, and unfortunately, most people just set them day after day on the assumption that they are working and are capable of the job they were installed to do. Our security professionals can quickly advise on where improvements are required.

The benefits of professional recommendations for enhancements

Besides, when someone comes to check out your security setup, they'll give you a full rundown on where to put everything - from the CCTV cameras and alarms all the way to control areas and plans for managing access. This survey's got your back, offering the top-notch advice you need to keep your space, belongings, and everyone inside safe and sound.

Plus, to keep everything crystal clear from start to finish, we'll give you a heads-up on the cost estimates for any security improvements we suggest. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of enhancing your home's security.

Common Weaknesses in Home Security and How to Address Them

Home security systems are no longer one-size-fits-all, and home security companies aren't all the monoliths hiding behind high-priced services that they once were. In fact, the best home security companies now offer a range of products and programs to fit the needs of every homeowner and renter, from lower-budget programs with DIY equipment installation and self-monitoring options to full-service, professionally monitored options including professional installation.

Having the option to choose the number and type of sensors and cameras allows customers to truly customize their package to secure their home in a way that makes them feel safe while staying within a defined budget.

Risks associated with smart devices

Out of 127.59 million households in the United States, only 36 million have home security systems, according to an article from the New York Times. That's slightly less than 30 percent.

We thought that was a shockingly low number and were unsure why more people didn't want to know if they were being robbed. After giving it a good think, we realized that the number really comes down to how few people know enough about keeping their homes safe.

Mistakes to avoid in maintaining home safety

I personally take offense that, in order to develop a home security survey, we must think like a burglar. That is foolish. To adequately provide security, we must think about how to properly secure the windows and entrances into a residence.

Identifying vulnerabilities is a critical aspect of the survey. Potential weak points in your home's security, such as doors, windows, and other potential entry points, are scrutinised meticulously. We've spotted and jotted down these weak spots to take a closer look later on.

Securing your home during vacations or travel

Just moved home? Worried that your property is vulnerable to burglars? Home security surveys are an ideal way to check for areas that are dragging down the security of your home.

It may be things you've overlooked, or just haven't thought about. A professional Cambridge locksmith knows the best tricks of the trade and can carry out a comprehensive assessment of your home. In this guide, we're looking at exactly how these surveys work with a helpful list of checks.

Improving Your Home Security: Practical Steps

Understanding the step-by-step process involved in a Home Security Survey can shed light on the thoroughness and professionalism of the service.

Because no two properties are identical and circumstances like geographical location affect the scope of the assessment, the steps involved will vary.

However, commonly risk assessments will include the following steps:

  • Survey of exterior perimeter of home and garden – This typically includes an examination of perimeter fencing, lighting, and landscaping
  • Chatting to the occupants – Those that live in the property have a greater knowledge of the security problems than they are aware of. By knowing what questions to ask Lock Doctor professionals can glean an understanding of past security problems, concerns, and an understanding of the most vulnerable times of day for the property based on normal daily activity
  • Interior Survey – This includes bedrooms, living areas and utility rooms
  • Survey of Physical Security Hardware – We carry out a comprehensive inspection of all security devices, including doors, windows, safes, locks.
  • Security of Outbuildings – Garages and sheds can be prime targets for criminals, our risk assessment carries out a thorough survey of any outbuildings
  • Review of Security Systems – Security systems including alarms, CCTV, intercom systems and panic alarm systems

Securing garage and shed areas

These are just a few of the steps that are included in a home security risk assessment. A comprehensive and tailored assessment will identify and blind spots in your home, and at Lock Doctor, we guarantee 100% confidentiality and that our professionals will carry out the work with the utmost respect for your family and your property.

Effective deterrents against burglars

Amongst the major benefits that such assessments provide are:

  • Identify Security Weak points
  • Check Alarm Systems are Capable and Fully Functioning
  • Check CCTV Systems
  • Provides Complete Peace of Mind

Ensuring the proper functioning of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Not all alarm systems are equal.

We make sure to take a close look at the alarm systems you already have in place and check how well they're working as part of our risk assessment. Alarm systems are a crucial part of any security system, and unfortunately, most people just set them day after day on the assumption that they are working and are capable of the job they were installed to do. Our security professionals can quickly advise on where improvements are required.

Main Idea: 

Getting a home security survey gives you peace of mind by pinpointing weak spots and beefing up your protection. It's smart, whether you're new to the area or just updating your place.


The truth laid bare – thinking our homes are fortresses by default is wishful thinking at best. This realization doesn't come from paranoia but awareness; knowledge gained through understanding why every homeowner should consider a professional security survey.

From recognizing silent threats hiding in plain sight to appreciating subtle enhancements making big differences, we now see our homes differently - not as impenetrable castles but as cherished spaces needing deliberate protection.

We learned today that true peace comes with effort and insight – qualities inherent in opting for a comprehensive assessment over mere assumptions about our abodes' invulnerability. So here we stand, informed and ready, no longer content with simply hoping for safety but actively pursuing it instead.

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