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How we work

We here at keys4ulocksmith are always striving to give our customers the best experience possible. Our technicians go through a tailored training course headed up by qualified locksmiths with more then 5-10 years knowledge under their belts. As the Locksmith trade is not regulated, (such as a Gas Engineer or Electrician), it is the charge of the representing company to set the standards required of it’s technicians. This is why our locksmith training course is in-house and lasts 2 weeks, with one week spent doing real-time jobs out in the field. After this we assess the work done by the trainee, if the evaluation is positive and the trainee shows he/she can work to a high standard, as well as dealing with customers in a professional and courteous manor, the technician shall then be set to work as the locksmith now has a good grasp of how to pick locks, brands and their benefits, how to install and change locks, cylinders etc. We always have experienced locksmiths about to help the new guy out and pride ourselves on making sure we keep the locksmiths up to date with new products and procedures.

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