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How to improve the security on your door

If you have a UPVC or wooden door, chances are it is quite strong. If however, you have a hollow door, get it replaced immediately. It’s very easy for even the weakest of burglars to kick a hollow door in. Also many insurance companies require that your door is fire safe.

  • “A door is only as strong as its lock!” Even if your door is relatively strong, it will not be completely burglar proof without the aid of a good lock. Be sure to have a lock on your door that meets British Standards. This will not only help keep the cost of your home insurance down, but you can also be rest assured that your lock has passed rigorous testing for its security and cannot be easily compromised. For optimum security a wooden door should have two locks, a Night Latch and a five-lever insurance approved Mortice Deadlock.
  • A break in through your door can be greatly reduced or prevented by fitting a Birmingham and London bar, which will make the locking points and hinges much more sturdier and reinforce and strengthen the door against forced entry.
  • Peepholes, door chains and letterbox cages are all small additions to your home security, but can make a big difference. Many burglaries are opportunist and it’s not uncommon to have a burglar knock on your door beforehand to see if you are home. A peephole will enable you to see who is at your front door without opening it. Never open the door if you are unsure of the person. Door chains are an added deterrent and letterbox cages will help prevent a burglar from tampering with your locks via the letterbox.
  • If you can avoid having glass on your front door. Glass doors make entry into your home extremely accessible. A burglar can break the glass and reach in and open the latch or turn the knob on a deadbolt in a matter of minutes. Single cylinder deadbolts can be opened without a key from the inside. If you already have a glass door, some simple meshing to the window will help make gaining access more difficult for a burglar.

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