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Property Boarding Up Birmingham

Have you been the victim of a burglary and urgently need boarding up services? We offer emergency boarding up services for residential and commercial property. Our engineers are available 24/7 and can typically reach you within 30 minutes for emergencies, no matter when you call us.

Much of our emergency boarding up services are in cooperation with the police and we work in strict accordance with the protection of crime scenes and to support forensic examinations. Once one of our engineers arrives at the scene, they will take the appropriate measurements and assess any damage in order to carry out any necessary repairs. Our emergency boarding services include boarding up windows as well as emergency window repair.

Emergency boarding is the most effective way to protect your property against the elements, vandalism, theft, criminal damage and to keep squatters out. You may be able to claim the cost of your boarding up back from your insurance company, especially if the damage is a result of a burglary, vandalism, criminal damage, flooding or a fire. Boarding up can provide a practical and effective short term solution for properties that need securing following a break in, damage due to flooding or criminal damage or while construction work is carried out. Having your windows boarded up can provide effective protection against weather damage and can prevent the building from deterioration.

If you need a boarding up service urgently, just give us a call; and we’ll get the job done.