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WARNING! High risk of burglary at Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas time and the winter cold is here! It’s all so exciting buying presents, decorating the house and getting all stocked up on the yummy festive food. Maybe you’re going to see family on the other side of the country, or you’re just taking a holiday abroad to escape the winter chills.

Whatever you’re up to this Christmas just bear in mind that Christmas is the perfect incentive to commit burglaries, therefore the busiest time in the burglars calendar! They know exactly where to look. According to the Guardian almost three-quarters of us Brits feel more at risk of burglary over Christmas. Homes are 22% more likely to be burgled on the 31st of December than on a normal average day.

At KEYS4U Locksmith we are passionate about safety and security, so here are a few tips to ensure you and all those expensive gifts are safe!

Be cautious of what you write on social media.
As it is one of the happiest times of the year, it’s understandable that you want to share it with all your friends, family and other followers on social media. However, providing such information like going out of town for a few days, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable as it is a perfect way for burglars to make a strategic break in plan. What’s better for thieves than knowing that there’s less of a risk of them getting caught?

Pick an alarm system!
Burglars bypass houses that require effort. If they can clearly see you have an alarm system or a CCTV system in place, chances are they’ll avoid it. However, if they don’t, according to Yale, 60% of burglaries on homes with alarm systems failed. There are various types of home alarm systems, each with its own level of security. We source and fit the lot, from basic bells-only alarms through to 24/7 alarms with annual inspection and maintenance contracts included.

Don’t hide your keys!
Now this an obvious one, but as a professional locksmith it’s shocking to see how many people still do this. Burglars know every trick in the book, so don’t try hiding your keys in the obvious places like under the plant pot or door mat- come on anyone could guess those places! If you really need to hide a key, invest in a key safe and choose a code that is not so related to you and install it in a discrete place.

Make your home appear occupied.
Even if you’re not at home for the night, make it look like someone is home. I do this by keeping the curtains closed but not all the way, and I either keep the TV on or keep a light on. You can get light timers for both inside and outside your home.

Dead locks Security
Dead locks Security is important for enhancing the security of your property. Many of our clients have closed the door behind them without locking the chub lock. The assumption that your property is secure, just by closing the door behind you is very misleading and can leave you very vulnerable to break ins. It is always worthwhile engaging the chub type of lock which will leave your property much more secure and give you peace of mind while you carry out your daily business. They are also much more difficult to open for intruders. – To read more about Dead locks security from our previous blog, click here!

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