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Your Security Depends on the Functionality of Your Locks: Is a Lock Change Required?

Whether for personal or business use, locks are often the first line of defence against intruders. Security is one of those non-negotiable requirements for folks. Locks function as one of the most rudimentary home security systems. Your door locks, safe locks, car locks and electronic locks serve as an assurance that burglars, vandals and intruders are kept at bay. While no lock offers 100% guarantees against home invasions, they provide the necessary security to buy you precious time in the event of an emergency. Alarms alert security companies and the police, but locks keep the intruders out and that’s why it’s important to determine whether you need a lock change.

You may have seen websites offering quotes for locksmith services. Search phrases like ‘locksmith near me’ are popular on Google UK. It’s important that you shop around for credible locksmith services, particularly since prices can get pretty steep if you choose the wrong company. Professional locksmith services offer competitive pricing on a wide range of lock change services. You may simply need your locks to be serviced and not changed out, but only a professional can offer you that evaluation. When you’re ready to upgrade the security of your locks for either residential or commercial premises in Bromely, it’s important that you choose locksmith services you can trust.

Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Lock Change:

  • Environmental Damage to Your Locks – Locks have many moving parts, and since they are placed on the outside of your door they are subject to the elements. Rain, wind, dirt, grease, grime, chewing gum and any number of other issues can cause your locks to malfunction. Rust is often one of the main culprits, leading to damaged locks that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Burglaries and vandalism – If somebody has tried to pry open your door locks, or your locks have been vandalised, you will need to consider a lock change. This is a non-negotiable decision for most people, and rightly so.
  • Misplaced or lost keys – This is a no-brainer. Chances are good that lost keys will not result in a home invasion, robbery or worse. However, it’s simply not worth taking the chance that somebody has stolen your keys and knows where you live. Rather than tempting fate, consider a lock change. In fact, if you have lost your keys, it is likely that you don’t have any spare keys available and you will need to change the locks anyway. Even if you find your keys again, don’t change back to the old locks – keep the new locks in place.
  • Divorce, relationship separation, tenants are evicted or roommates have moved out – Believe it or not, far too many people fail to change locks when these issues arise. One of the most important things you can do is call a professional locksmith in Bromley as soon as any of these events takes place. There is simply too much at risk when emotions run high, and any of these events could spark an unpleasant situation. Avoid them and buy new door locks.
  • If you have recently relocated to a new home, change your locks out – This one is obvious. If people were living in the property before you moved in, then they likely have keys to your front door. One of the first things you should do when moving is to buy new locks. One never knows the reasons why a tenant is no longer in residence, and there are potentially too many spare keys floating about. Save yourself the aggravation and worry, and simply do a lock change as quickly as possible.

Note that there are many other reasons why you might need to change your locks out. You might have lent your key to the house sitter, pet care person or babysitter. Perhaps you went away for the weekend and you gave your neighbours the key to your front door. Locks with keys need to be protected just as well as bank cards with pin codes.

Hallmarks of trusted locksmiths in your area

Trusted locksmiths provide warranties on all products they sell. The most popular locks include Yale, Mul T Lock, Chubb and Era. A lock change should only be provided by expert locksmiths, since malfunctions are likely to result if an amateur installs sophisticated locks in car doors, car boots, residential or commercial doors or garages. Safety is always a non-negotiable element with professional locksmith services. They know how to get the job done right the first time, every time. The premier UK locksmiths will offer discounts to you when you request their services online, making their quotes even more competitive.

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