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Case Study – Block Management

As well as attending emergency lock outs and standard lock changes, our customers count on us to provide them with advice and recommendations for a particular need.

An example of this would be a long standing block management company that we work with who have recently been complaining of continuing issues with their bin store.

The residents were complaining that the door to the bin store kept getting left open meaning that rubbish and smells were constantly leaking out of the room. This is despite the door already having a door closer installed. Due to this being a communal bin store, regulations say that the door has to be able to open either with a generic key ie: Fire Brigade key, or a code. They ask for a suggestion of what other lock could work with an added complication that it is a metal door.

After some research and discussion with our technical team, it was suggested that an FB4 lock should be installed. This work alongside the door closer and ensure that once the door is closed, it automatically latches. As it is a generic lock, keys are available from any hardware store and the bin men will all the FB keys already to get their own access.

Another job well done for our 24 hour emergency locksmiths

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